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Torre del Mar

and Surroundings
Costa del Sol - Andalusia - Spain

Torre del Mar Costa del Sol

Torre del Mar
Beaches & Recreation

The coasts of Torre del Mar are lined by wide and miles long sandy beaches. The town is an ideal bathing resort and visited by Spanish and international tourists.

Torre del Mar Urlaub

Along the coast, there is the famous long beachfront promenade of Torre del Mar (Spanish: Paseo maritime de Torre del Mar), with pretty views to the Mediterranean as well as the hills and mountains behind dotted with white houses and villages. The beachfront promenade has a Western part and an Eastern part, called Levante and Poniente.

A water park, a hospital, a large shopping centre with cinema complex and a beautiful promenade called Paseo de Larios are situated in the centre of the town.

Torre del Mar Urlaub

Torre del Mar has some very good bars and restaurants offering especially seafood. In the evening, the city has a lot of atmosphere: a 500 metre seafront stretch, called El Copo, is a continual line of bars and discotheques which are open until 6.00h every morning in the summer. Along an adjoining stretch of the seafront there is a summer night market open until 3.00h every morning!

Torre del Mar
Climate & Region
Torre del Mar Beach

Torre del Mar Beach

The town lies in a sedimentary plane and is surrounded by farmland. Traditionally sugar cane was the main cultivation and there are still some old factories and chimneys to be found.

Today, farmers are primarily cultivating mangoes, avocados, kiwis and other tropic fruits. As in any other part of the Costa del Sol, tourism is the main branch of the service sector. In July and August the town is in peak season and mostly visited by Spanish tourists.

Torre del Mar Urlaub

Due to its fantastic location on the Costa del Sol, a subtropical region with mild winters and relatively hot summers, the climate is very good in Torre del Mar. The Mediterranean climate is humid, but with low rainfall, and temperatures are between 12°C in winter and 25°C in summer, that means an annual average temperature of 18°C. If you like to go upcountry (“turismo rural”), the perfect travelling time is spring.

Torre del Mar
Region & History
Torre del Mar (English: Tower of the Sea) is a south Spanish coastal district in Vélez-Malaga, in the Andalucian province of Malaga, with ~ 20.000 inhabitants.

It is between Málaga and Nerja on the Costa del Sol. Torre del Mar is one of the most important bathing resorts 28 km to the east of Malaga, provincial capital and also capital of Costa del Sol.

The name of the town probably comes from the 26 m high lighthouse, which is very important for maritime traffic. The citizens of the town call themselves “Torrenos”.

In Caleta de Vélez, a small village to the east of the Town, there is a fishing port and marina. Inland, in the north of the town, there is a bigger town called Vélez-Málaga. Torre del Mar is located in one of the most touristic regions of Europe, the Costa del Sol.

Torre del Mar Urlaub

Officially the town is (still) a Southern district of Vélez-Málaga, capital of the Andalucian region Axarquía and of Costa del Sol to the east of Málaga. Since 1990, Torre del Mar’s party GIMPTM has been trying to become independent from Vélez-Málaga. At present approx. a third of Vélez-Málaga’s population lives in Torre del Mar.

The foundation of Torre del Mar dates back to Phoenician times which is documented by archaeological sites from the 8th century which were found nearby such as a harbour, fish factories, houses and a necropolis.

More Destinations

(~ 25 km from Torre del Mar)

Frigiliana, a village in the hills above Nerja, is on the “street of the white cottages”. The houses in this pretty and beautiful village are lime-whited and decorated with hundreds of potted plants – an idyllic place to visit.

(distance ~ 20 km)

Nerja is an old historic town in the West of Torre del Mar. The old part has a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, full of interesting shops, tapas bars and restaurants where you can also enjoy Flamenco presentations in the evening. The famous “Balcony of Europe” is a viewing platform and at it’s foot you also find a beautiful bay.Approx. 4 km to the west of Nerja, there is an old aqueduct from Roman times which is still in use today. According to archaeologists the caves of Nerja were already inhabited 30.000 years ago. Along with the Prado in Madrid and the Alhambra in Granada, the caves of Nerja are the most popular tourist attraction in Spain.

The Alhambra in Granada
(distance ~ 122 km)

The most outstanding heritage of Moorish architecture! The origin of the word Alhambra is yet controversial, but commonly it is explained by the Arabic word for “red castle”. Along with the castle you should definitely visit the Generalife and its wonderful gardens. Especially here, the Moorish influence becomes apparent, although not only in Andalusian architecture. The “Almohades” can be found in the Spanish word for pillow: “almohada”. Some river names include the word “guadal”, the Arabic word for river.


(distance ~ 170 km)

Did you know that the frontier between Gibraltar and Spain is the shortest worldwide? Or that the road network of Gibraltar has a total length of 38 km and, on the contrary, the roads of the tunnel system more than 52 km?


(distance ~ 240 km)

One of the most beautiful towns ever, with the gorgeous palace Reales Alcázares, the University, formerly a cigar factory, the cathedrale, “Playa de Espana” and a lot more sites. Not far from Sevilla, ~ 5 km to the northwest, there is the town of Italica, one of the most important towns of the Roman empire in Andalusia. The preserved ruins of the amphitheatre and villas still show the size of the ancient buildings.


(distance ~ 155 km)

Ronda, separated by a 160 m deep canyon into the districts La Ciudad and El Mercadillo, has the oldest bullfighting arena in Spain, a museum about the history of the “Corrida de Torros” and a museum about the life of “mountain bandits”.


(distance ~ 280 km)

Probably the oldest town in Europe, with an Old Town from the 18th century, a wonderful cathedrale, beautiful promenades along the riversides and restaurants with delicious food and drinking.


(distance ~ 195 km)

Another superlative: Tarifa is the most Southern town in Europe. A paradise for windsurfers due to permanent wind. From here, on a clear day, you have a view to the African coast, or you take the ferry to Tanger and go shopping on the bazaar.

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